The Centre for Better Health is a community-based charity that supports well-being and recovery from mental ill-health.


 Chair Yoga



Every Thursday,                     9:30am - 10:30am

A mindful yoga practice can have great benefits for your mental and physical health, boost your energy level or help to find better sleep. You don´t need to be extremely bendy or strong to practice yoga. In fact yoga is for everyone and chair yoga a great way to make yoga accessible to people with different levels of physical abilities.                               The 8 week course will focus on breath awareness, yoga flows and relaxation. Every class starts with a guided, breath focused meditation (pranayama). The yoga postures (asanas) will strengthen, stretch and balance your body. To give you a tool to relax and let go, we will practice progressive muscle relaxation in the end of each class. This helps to release tension in your body and help to recover from pain and illness. The practice can be continued at home to increase the positive impact on your body and mind.

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An exhibition by Joanne Cass, Sali Walker and Nongyao Sasuwan

From 5th May till 31st May 17 Private View: Friday 5th May 17 from 5pm till 9pm

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T'ai Chi


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Every Thursday,                     6:15pm- 7:45pm

Tai chi is a practice that re-adjusts and subtly strengthens the body while it educates the mind to send to the muscles as much energy as they need for each task they have to perform. Neither more, nor less. And most importantly this is achieved through relaxation. In Yang style all positions and moves are combat ones but there is no impact with an opponent. However, learning to manipulate our own strength and energy is the first step towards self defence. Tai chi is a practice in constant motion. Anyone who starts doing Tai Chi in a way creates his/her own version of it because each person’s body and intellect are different hence the movement is interpreted and experienced in a unique way.

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Registered Charity No: 292944



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