The Centre for Better Health is a community-based charity that supports well-being and recovery from mental ill-health.


Annual Report 2017



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...To varying degrees mental health affects us all, whether it’s due to a life event such as bereavement, living with depression or more acute needs such as schizophrenia.

We work in an inclusive way. Our activities are open to anyone looking to support their wellbeing or recovery
from mental ill- health.

We believe that engaging in activities with others is a vital part of wellbeing and creates the basis for personal

Our Services are based in Hackney but are not limited solely to Hackney







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Chi-Kung (Qi Gong) is an ancient Chinese holistic health practice. it is usually translated as "vital energy work". It comprises of individual slow movement exercises, static postures and meditations. This six week course will focus on practices which are energising, emotionally uplifting and encourage the development of groundedness and balance. The sessions are suitable for all fitness levels. If unable to stand exercises can be done sitting down.

Every Tuesday from:           6th Mar - 10th Apr 18

Time: 6:15pm-7:45pm



To register please contact:

020 8985 3570






Lunch Club

& Mandala Drawing     

Lunch Club Jan 18.jpg

Join our Lunch Club  for a weekly meet up, with homemade soups, stews and bread from our very own Better Health Bakery.

Enjoy a friendly, supportive atmosphere, socialising and taking part in Mandala adult colouring in to relax and boost your wellbeing.

Every Wednesday until 7th Mar 18

Time: 12:30pm—2:30pm

Fee: £2 per session





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Registered Charity No: 292944    

Registered Charity No: 292944



The Centre For Better Health