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Chi Kung

 Chi Kung is a form of Chinese movement exercise that has existed for thousands of years. ‘Chi Kung’ is usually translated into English as ‘energy work’.This 6 week course will focus on individual exercises to benefit the joints and muscles, breathing techniques, static postures, walking forms and meditation all encourage the flow of the Chi or energy. Movements are slow, gentle and flowing and are performed in a relaxed yet focused way.The practices are suitable for all ages and abilities. If unable to stand it can be practised sitting down

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All three therapeutic groups now full

If you have missed the opportunity to join this time and would be interested in attending a therapeutic group in Spring, contact the centre to let us know. We will add your details to the mailing list and as soon as the program is ready, you will receive an email inviting you to arrange an assessment.

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Registered Charity No: 292944