Centre for Better Health is a community-based charity that promotes well-being and supports recovery from mental distress.

Simon's Story


My Name is Simon and I have been working at the Centre for Better Health for nearly a year now. My training is in Core Process Psychotherapy with The Karuna Institute in Devon. I see seven clients over two days at the Centre as a volunteer counsellor. This means that I offer my time for free whilst I work towards fully accrediting as a Psychotherapist. One of the many things I appreciate ... read more 

Meet Howard

Based in Haggerston, East London The Better Health Bakery is a social enterprise arm of The Centre for Better Health, a local charity working to promote well-being and support recovery from mental ill health. The artisan bakery provides trainee placements to individuals who might be distanced from the workforce. Follow us on Twitter for Better Health Bakery updates!

Parents Group


Volunteering at the Centre for Better Health began after completing my level 2 in community development. A friend of mine that I had met on the course, Anthea, asked me if I would come on board with her to plan and co-ordinate a workshop for parents and their children at the centre. I was excited by the idea, as giving back to the community is something I feel ... read more 

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Registered Charity No: 292944    

Registered Charity No: 292944



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