What We Do

How we work with the community to promote wellbeing and support social inclusion.

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The Centre for Better Health offers a range of services:

Confidential Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling at The Centre for Better Health allows an individual to make sense of their experiences, form a narrative of how they came to be where they are, and draw on internal strengths for the future. The therapeutic space also allows clients to reflect, focus on their inner-self and raise self-awareness.

Community Hub

Brush up on your skills or learn something new! We offer a range of affordable daytime and evening activities to the local community that aim to promote wellbeing. These courses and workshops range from yoga to accredited learning such as NCFE Ceramics and we are now offering three therapeutic groups.

Social Enterprise

Members have the opportunity to acquire employment skills and training to move closer to the labour market through recreating a realistic work setting where members are able to build and develop their skills and confidence through a variety of work-based roles and informal learning.


We couldn’t survive without the support and dedication of our many volunteers across the services.  We also aim for these volunteering experiences to meet an individual’s own personal goals. Volunteering opportunities include volunteer counsellor/ psychotherapy placements, volunteer tutors and course providers, volunteer administrative support, volunteer bakers, baristas and more.

Residential Home

We offer 24 hour housing support at our seven bed residential care home, Chesterfield Gardens in the London Borough of Haringey

Darnley Gallery

An affordable exhibition, event, training and course/workshop space for hire which is available for local artists and community groups.