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Better Health Bakery

The Better Health Bakery produces good quality, handmade bread for the local community. Baking artisan bread is both a labour intensive and therapeutic process. This is a craft and skills that our trainees learn and hone. It is also rewarding and gives a sense of achievement.

Volunteers bakers at the Better Health Bakery support trainees on 3 month placements in the social enterprise, while learning how to bake real bread according to traditional sourdough principles.  

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Better Health Bikes

Better Health Bikes services and recycles bicycles for sale. Each recycled bicycle is stripped down and reassembled, replacing worn components to produce a quality bicycle for its new owner to enjoy.

Volunteer mechanics help with bike recycling while offering support to trainees on 3 month placements in the social enterprise. They work in our professionally equipped bicycle workshop alongside our team of Cytech qualified mechanics.