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For those applying for a counselling placement, give details of your training and experience

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Please complete availability section A. if you are applying for a counselling placement and B. for any other volunteer position

A. Please note that we require a weekly time commitment of four consecutive hours to see clients and two hours fortnightly for group supervision. We require volunteer counsellors to commit to a minimum of one year up to two years.

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IMPORTANT: Applicants for a counselling placement should provide one reference from either previous or current line manager and the other should be an academic reference in relation to your counselling/psychotherapy training.

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Do you have any spent or unspent criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings? This volunteer placement is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

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Note: Please be aware that an offer of a placement is based on satisfactory references and DBS checks

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For volunteer counsellors:

CBH require you to receive external supervision in addition to receiving group supervision while in placement with CBH.

You will also be required to hold a Professional Liability Insurance.


Optional: you do not need to fill in the following questions if you do not wish to, however we appreciate if you do, as it helps us to ensure that our services reach the widest possible audiences and that they are available to sections of the public that may be underrepresented. This part of the application will be kept separately and anonymously for monitoring purposes only.

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