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Please be aware that we can currently offer funded trainee placements to residents of Hackney, the City of London and Tower Hamlets.
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Please give a summary of the applicant's psychiatric history, hospital admissions, and dates and forms of admissions and discharges. Please also describe the applicant's current mental health. If the applicant was ever hospitalised,was the admission voluntary or on section?

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A. Clinical Symptoms

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Ideas of Harming Others:
Ideas of Self-Harm:
Suicidal Ideation:
Delusion or Hallucination:
Lack of Control / Impulsivity:
Other Clinical Symptoms:

B. Behaviour

Physical Harm to others including threats / Intimidation:
Physical Self-Harm and/or suicidal attempts:
Domestic Risk (family, unsafe use of appliances, fire risk etc...):
Drugs / Alcohol Abuse:
Other Behaviour Risks:

C. Personal Circumstances

Recent Severe Stress:
Abusive / Victimisation of Others:
Inadequate/No Accomodation:
Concerns by Others:
Known Personal Trigger Factors:
Social Isolation:

D. Forensic History

Conviction : violence or sexual offences:
Special hospital / unit / hostel or medium secure unit:
Other forensic involvements (i.e. arson, injunction, shoplifting):


Placements are 1 day per week from 10am to 4pm

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You do not need to fill in the following questions if you do not wish to, however we appreciate if you do, as it helps us to ensure that our services reach the widest possible audiences and that they are available to sections of the public that may be underrepresented. This part of the application will be kept separately and anonymously for monitoring purposes only.

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