Thank you for your interest in receiving counselling with us, before taking you to the application we would like to clarify a few points, kindly tick each statement to indicate you have read and understood it.

I understand that by completing this application form, I am applying for counselling services at the Centre for Better Health, which may include an assessment interview:

I understand I will be offered a time for counselling within my stated preferences either Morning , Afternoon or Evening. If I am unable to accept this time slot, I will not be offered another for this application:

I understand that I may receive counselling from a counsellor in training and may be allocated to either a female or male counsellor*:
* under certain circumstances we do consider requests for counsellors of a specific gender

I understand that my counsellor will attend supervision and may discuss aspects of my case in confidence:

I understand that all information shared with the service is confidential and no information will be released without my consent. However, I understand that confidentiality may be broken in the following circumstances: risk to self, risk to others and safeguarding of vulnerable persons. In the first instance, this might be with your GP or with a local safeguarding board:

I understand that the centre will not offer counselling therapy to counselling students who are seeking therapy solely to fulfil their course requirements and no written confirmation of attendance will be issued under these circumstances:
If you are currently enrolled as a counselling student please supply details here:

Please note that if the primary reason you are accessing counselling is to address adoption issues, eating disorders, substance misuse or bereavement we would advise you to contact other specialist counselling services.

We will now take you to the application; kindly complete all sections as thoroughly as you can.


If you are from outside of London, please indicate where from below:
It is important that we are able to contact you by email and phone* to invite you to your appointment and to obtain more information if needed.
*We may leave a message if we cannot get through to you
Please give those details below:

Note: We require the details of a person to contact in case of emergency as well as your GP's. Please give details below.
Emergency Contact:
Name and Relation to you:
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GP/Surgery details: Please note that you must be registered with a GP surgery before we can accept this application.
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Have you received counselling before?:
If yes, please indicate with which provider(s)

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Please give us some details about the counselling you have receive in the past (length, dates, other provider):
Are you currently receiving counselling from another organisation?:
If yes, please provide details*:
*If you are receiving therapy from another counselling service, you can only start your sessions here if that therapy has come to an end.


Date of Birth (format dd/mm/yyyy):
Gender - self description:
Relationship Status:
First Language Be aware that our counsellors practice in English:

Have you ever been admitted to hospital experiencing mental distress?:
If yes, please give details:
Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?:
If yes, what was the diagnosis:
Have you ever been prescribed medication for mental health issues?:
If yes, please give details:
Are you currently taking any medication?:
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Please indicate issue(s) that apply to you:

Domestic Problems:

Multiple Factors (please explain below):

Emotional Difficulties:
Panic Attacks:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:
Relationship Problems:

Other (please explain below):

Please give a brief description of the issues you wish to address in counselling and any other information you feel we need to know. If you have ticked other or multiple factors you can tell us more here:


Your counselling will be at the same day and time each week. If your availability changes whilst you are waiting for an appointment, you must contact the centre to inform us.

These measures are in place to help us reduce waiting times and to deliver our services as efficiently as possible.

Kindly tick here to show you have read and understood this statement:
We charge counselling sessions weekly based on your income.
  • £5* per session for clients who are in receipt of either ESA, JSA, Income Support or Universal Credit
  • £20* per session for clients who earn less than £20,000 per year
  • £40 per session for clients who earn £20,000 and above per year

Employment Status:
Which fee applies?
*you will be required to bring a proof of benefit or income on your first session

When are you available? Please indicate either yes or no to let us know which half days you will be available to attend your counselling appointment.

**The more options you give us the quicker you will be allocated.**

Morning sessions are 9am, 10am, 11am,12pm
Afternoon sessions are 1pm, 2pm,3pm,4pm
We do not have any availability for evening sessions at the moment. Please check the counselling page on our website for updates.

Answer either YES or NO to each option
Monday Afternoon:

Tuesday Morning:
Tuesday Afternoon:

Wednesday Morning:
Wednesday Afternoon:

Thursday Morning:
Thursday Afternoon:

Friday Morning:
Friday Afternoon:

**Remember to let us know if your availability changes**

How did you hear about us?**if you have heard from us through a friend or a family member who has accessed/is accessing our counselling service, please give us their full name so we can avoid allocating you to the same counsellor. This also applies if you know one of our current counsellors**:


This section is optional however by providing us with this information you will help us ensure that our services reach the widest possible audiences and that they are available to sections of the public that may be underrepresented. .

Ethnic Category- Other:

Religion or Belief:
Other Religion or Belief:
Sexual Orientation:
Other Sexual Orientation:


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