Case studies


Better Health Bakery

The Better Health Bakery produces good quality, handmade bread for the local community. Baking artisan bread is both a labour intensive and therapeutic process. This is a craft and skill that our trainees learn and hone. It is also rewarding and gives a sense of achievement.

There are practical and technical skills developed, leading to possible employment routes in baking and catering. This may also lead to other training opportunities for the trainee after their placement ends. 


Better Health Bikes

Better Health Bikes services and recycles bicycles for sale. Each recycled bicycle is stripped down and reassembled, replacing worn components to produce a quality bicycle for its new owner to enjoy.

Working on bicycles is physical, therapeutic and rewarding, and can lead to possible employment routes in the cycle industry, or further training in the field for the trainee once their placement ends.


Better Health Products

Better Health Products is a leading provider of polyurethane products to the healthcare industry. These products include bedding protection, vacuum casting bags and wheelchair protection.

This area offers technical skills to be developed through training in the manufacturing of polyurethane products. Most of the training will be on the job, including the processing of orders, manufacturing, dispatch and stock control. Theoretical training will also include quality standards and health and safety.